Friday, 2nd April 2021


Stanford Scientists have created the largest networked computer system to solve a problem at the heart of many diseases - protein misfolding.

Written by Steve Grant of Particle. You may view the original article here:Stanford Scientists have created the largest networked computer ...
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A Computer Can Now Translate Languages as Well as a Human

A Computer Can Now Translate Languages as Well as a Human This article originally appeared on Singularity Hub, a publication ...
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How Cold War rivalry helped launch the Chinese computer

It was the summer of 1959, and the United States needed a Cold War win. In 1957, the Soviet bloc ...
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Student learning with laptops: Measuring the effectiveness of laptops in American classrooms

by David Trilling, The Journalist's ResourceJuly 26, 2016 The issue: Questions about how to use limited financial resources vex school ...
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Hackers Seek Ransom From Two More Southern California Hospitals

By Chad Terhune, California Healthline March 22, 2016 Hackers demanded a ransom from two more Southern California hospitals last week ...
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Depressed? Look For Help From A Human, Not A Computer

Lynne Shallcross, Kaiser Health News November 12, 2015 Almost 8 percent of Americans 12 and older dealt with depression at ...
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Why you shouldn’t fear your finances (you’re probably richer than you think)

Jay L. Zagorsky, Boston University Do you procrastinate about taking care of financial matters in your life? Recently a fascinating ...
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