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Effects of Vaping on Diabetics

Peggy Haas
 March 25, 2021

When it comes to traditional cigarettes, the research is endless. Smoking can have a significant impact on your diabetes risk. Research shows that tobacco smokers are thirty to forty percent more likely to develop Type-2 diabetes than non-smokers. 

Some smokers have started to switch to e-cigarettes or vapes because these allow them to smoke nicotine without inhaling the tar and carbon monoxide that are found in traditional cigarettes. 

As vaping is relatively new, there is much less information about the extent of its effects on the body. However, there is still some research that offers important insight on how it might put you at risk of Type-2 diabetes and affect the management of your disease. 

Effects of Vaping 

Research has shown that vaping is not as harmless as companies advertise. While e-cigarettes may not contain certain chemicals as those found in traditional cigarette smoke, they can still contain cancer-causing products. In addition, the use of e-cigarettes has shown an increased risk of myocardial infarction or heart attack by 42 percent. People with diabetes, or those who use trulicity already have a heightened risk for this to occur.

E-cigarettes can lead to the mobilization of cells called endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) that can damage blood vessels. This is a reaction that can also occur after people smoke traditional cigarettes again and again. Thus, over time, mobilization of these EPCs can deplete the blood vessels. 

The nicotine present in vapes and e-cigarettes might also affect sugar levels in your blood. Research has shown that nicotine has caused hemoglobin A1C levels to rise by thirty-four percent. With these raised A1C levels, you may also be at higher risk of developing worse diseases, such as eye, heart, and kidney disease. You also increase your chances of developing complications related to your diabetes diagnosis.  

However, as mentioned previously, e-cigarettes are relatively new and researchers are still trying to know more about their effects on the human body. As traditional cigarettes are known to increase the risk of contracting cardiovascular disease, the same may not be accurate for e-cigarettes. 

Should You Vape if You Are Diabetic?

If you already are a non-smoker, then there is no reason to start smoking e-cigarettes. In other words, avoid e-cigarettes if you don’t already smoke.

Using e-cigarettes as a transitional choice in order to quit smoking might be alright if done in moderation. Although using e-cigarettes as a tool to stop smoking is not officially recommended by any medical professional, some people showed results of being able to quit smoking altogether, or at least managing to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked by twenty-five percent.

We suggest using delta vape as it does not contain nicotine. Instead, it uses extracts from the cannabis plant and is also helpful in fighting stress. Looking for safer alternatives may be your best bet.


Smoking should be avoided, whether or not you are a diabetic. There are increased risks involved, and vaping as an alternative should only be done if you want to wean yourself off of smoking. Be wary of these chemicals, which may pose adverse effects especially if you are on medication. Instead of going for traditional cigarettes or vapes – if you must – look for alternatives such as the delta vape.

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