Sunday, 4th April 2021

Our Team

Peggy Haas

CEO, Founder
As she is fondly called, Peg had worked a decade in banking for an international company where she witnessed how that company invested with startups, which inspired her to create the company along with professionals from different fields, different walks of life.

Nickolas Auyeung

Chief Customer Officer
Nick takes charge of all our clients' journeys. He and his team solve lasting client predicaments, create long-term competitive support, retain faithful consumers, and build a strategy to boost profit from customers.

Elisabeth Black

Chief Marketing Officer
At the top of Europroject's marketing heap, you'll find Elisabeth. She maintains the capricious intuition and executable plan for Europroject's marketing program.

Timmy Foreman

Financial Officer
Timmy has been with EUroproject since the days it was being built from the ground up. He keeps the whole company afloat when it comes to finances. We thought we'd recognize his admirable work by including him on this page.

Shannon Smith

General Counsel
Shannon organizes Euroroject's legal affairs and is responsible for planning out agreements with other vendors.

Chris Merritt

Managing Director
Chris took over the Managing Director role from Peggy for a year as of this writing and is responsible for the daily operations in Europroject, all while honing unique young talents.
EU Project aims to be one of the world's most inclusive online resources for small enterprises, providing necessary tools and support to start, build, and maintain your business via practical pieces of advice from some of the most extraordinary talents in the business industry.
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