Friday, 2nd April 2021

Personal Security - The Basics

Peggy Haas
 March 2, 2021

Personal security is an ever-changing state of affairs; laws are constantly changing, crime is always on the increase, and individuals must remain on their toes. Personal security is a state of mind that can never be entirely maintained but only exists as long as people take responsibility for their safety. It is a collective mental state which assumes an unpredictable form when people fail to observe basic safety practices and fail to act on the information provided to them by the system. 

Personal security is a state of mind that occurs after enough measures are taken to deter, slow, delay, or give warning before such an impending crime, when such warning takes place, summon help, and prepare for the likelihood of potential crime efficiently and positively. The idea of personal security is usually associated with politicians, criminals, terrorists, royalty, and other elite groups.

However, it is very easy for most of us to forget about personal security. For instance, while we are busy enjoying our vacation or enjoying the comforts of home, our neighbor's kids could be out doing recreational activities, robbing a bank, or even committing suicide by hanging themselves. The news is filled with stories about crimes committed by "evil people", but such sensationalism does not help keep our minds on the problem of crime and its victims. If we are to close the gap between the "evil people" and the "good people" or between crime and victims, then it is essential that we create awareness among people at all levels. An effective Personal Security program that addresses the problems of low-income families, single mothers, single fathers, and the mentally disturbed will go a long way towards creating an atmosphere of safety and security in our daily lives.

A bond is created between the individual who has a mental illness and the people around him/her, creating a sense of security in daily lives. However, such bonds' effectiveness depends on how much help is given and how the support system is developed. The more help and support are provided, the more secured the person will be, and he will be able to look forward to his life without fear of being a victim of criminals or any such incident which can break his security bubble.

The Personal Security bond is a false sense of security because it is nothing more than a false sense of security. The Personal Security systems should be understood as a short-term measure to protect a person from a particular event in the daily lives. Therefore, a false sense of security will make it difficult to face problems that require quick and concrete action. A bond created between the individual who has a mental illness and the people around them will provide a temporary shield from a particular event, enabling that person to take immediate and quick action. However, such a bond's effectiveness depends on how much support is provided and how the support system is developed.

It is important to understand that a bond cannot provide a true sense of security. For example, if violent criminals live nearby and if the family does not have a strong bond with them, that might compromise that person's safety. However, it is possible to develop such a bond to a certain level to provide a sense of safety. The police also use this concept of personal safety to protect their community from criminal elements. The police need to protect their communities from these criminals, but this need will always depend on the local people's cooperation and support.

The concept of Personal Security can be used in the entire range of domains, and all of them are important to a person's safety. Therefore, it is important to take personal safety measures in all the domains. The concept of Personal Security can also be extended to the domain of the home. A house with a proper personal safety plan will help keep criminals and other dangerous elements from the residence and its vicinity, while proper implementation of a good home security plan will keep criminals and other dangers like fire and other natural disasters at bay.

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